A Natural Selection: Darwin Pinzon


Darwin Pinzon

Age: 22

Club: Sporting San Miguelito

Nationality: Panamanian

Position: Right Midfielder

What do you call a player who scores two goals in his first five international matches? A phenom. And that’s exactly who Darwin Pinzon is. On the pitch, he’s intimidating, cutting and bending his body with ease as he works his way up the pitch. Even more intimidating yet, he’s only 5’3. It’s one thing to be made a fool by someone who can body you up, and force you down the field — but to be so thoroughly dominated by someone of his stature is impressive, and embarrassing.

Still, this is how Pinzon succeeds. He’ll never be the most famous Darwin (some British scientist beat him to that one), but his skill on the ball will lead him to great success for both club, and country. In 68 league appearances with Sporting San Miguelito, the feisty midfielder has tallied 13 goals.

He may not seem like much, but stay focused. If you lose sight of him on the pitch, you’ll likely find him with his arms raised in celebration.

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