Jamaica: Wes Morgan

Written by Timothy Nyangacha

Defender Wes Morgan will be one of the players to watch for the Jamaican national team at this year’s COPA America. Born in Nottingham, England, the 32-year-old made his first appearance for the senior team in September 2013 in a match against Panama [2]. Per Lcfc.com, Morgan qualified to play for the national team through his Jamaican grandparents [2]. Morgan is most well known as the captain of Leicester City, the club that has made an improbable run to the top of the Premier League table and are currently seven points ahead of second-place Tottenham. Prior to his arrival at Leicester City in late January 2012, Morgan made 352 appearances for his local club Nottingham Forest from August 2002 to late January 2012, [3]. The Jamaican National Team’s most recent success came at the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup, where they reached the final but lost to Mexico, 1-3 [1].

Called a “tower of strength” by Jonathan Wilson of The Guardian [4], Morgan brings physicality, mental fortitude and toughness to the Jamaican national team that may play a large role in determining the team’s success at the COPA America.

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