Ecuador: Enner Valencia

Enner Valencia also known as “Superman”, is an Ecuador native who is a forward for West Ham United and for the Ecuador national team. He started his career when just a kid with Caribe Junior from 2005 through 2008 [1]. Previously he played for Emelec, another team in Ecuador where in 2013 he received the Copa Sudamericana Golden Boot [1].

Valencia has represented the Ecuador national team at the 2014 FIFA World Cup and at the 2015 Copa America, and has reigned at the leading scorer in both [1]. Valencia is one of few top scorers for Ecuador with 14 goals [1]. The journey for Valencia has not been easy. He has worked hard to where he has gotten today. In this year’s Copa America, look forward to Enner Valencia to continue to make his self a world known name. Enjoy this videos of Valencia’s greatest moments at your leisure.


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