Bolivia: Marcelo Moreno

Source: Steindy (Wikimedia Commons)

Source: Steindy
(Wikimedia Commons)

Marcelo Moreno, born in Santa Cruz de la Sierra has a lot of experience. He played for the Brazilian U20 team when he was young, then chose to play for the Bolivian National team to pursue his professional career [1]. As he developed into a very successful and well known player, he received calls to play “friendly” games against Peru in 2007.

He scored one of the six goals that capped a 6-1 Bolivian win over Diego Maradona’s Argentina [1]. Moreno signed a 5- year, 9 million dollar deal with the Shakhtar Donetsk, a Ukranian club [1]. Look for Moreno to be the leader of this Bolivian team as they compete in the Copa America.


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