Argentina: Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi, born in Rosario faced many hardships in his early years but in due time proved himself to be one of the top footballers on the planet. He proved himself to be one of the top youth players when he was young but later diagnosed with a hormonal problem when he was a kid [1]. This caused problems for his family with the expenses being too much. No Argentine club would help pay the expenses initially, until the Catalan coaches from Barcelona took their chances on Messi as a player, signed him and payed for his treatment [1].

Messi quickly became an outstanding talent in the club. Ever since his debut, Messi has proven that he is one of the top footballers on every big stage that there is in the soccer industry. He has scored miraculous goals in ways that you couldn’t imagine, and at age 24 became the all-time scoring leader of Barcelona, surpassing Cesar Rodriguez’s 232 goals [1]. Messi should be Argentina’s biggest contributor in the Copa America. The video above highlights Messi’s dribbling skills and tricks that makes him such a great footballer.

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