United States: Bobby Wood

Written by George Smith

Although Bobby Wood has served mainly as a substitute on the United States men’s national team, he has proved himself to be a deadly striker and definitely a player to watch in Copa America 2016.  A Hawaii native, Wood played for local youth teams before deciding to move to Germany when he was 15 to join 1860 Munich’s youth team.[2]  After 4 years in the youth academy, Wood made his professional debut as a substitute for 1860 Munich in January of 2011.  Later that same year, he started for the first time.  After playing for 1860 Munich for years, Wood transferred to Erzgebirge Aue, but only briefly.  After only 5 months, he transferred to his current club FC Union Berlin.  Of all the teams that he has played with, Wood has been the most successful in Berlin, scoring 17 goals in 27 appearances since July of last year.

After serving on the United States men’s U20 and U23 teams, Wood made his debut on the senior national team in 2013.  Since then, he has reached a total of 4 goals in 16 appearances with the team.  Even though his record on the national team is brief and not particularly impressive, the nature of Wood’s goals is what sets him apart.  Woods has proved himself as an effective substitute in high pressure scenarios.  In 2013 he made the game-winning goal in games against the Dutch and German national teams as a substitute.  His goal in the game against the Dutch came in the 90th minute[2], and his goal against the Germans came in the 87th minute.[1]

Woods may not be the main threat of the United States’ attack, but he certainly is a powerful weapon for coach Jurgen Klinsmann.  He is a powerful striker with the skill and instinct to create and capitalize on important opportunities late in the game.  Although he hasn’t had the chance to prove himself on the international stage yet, Woods certainly shows potential, and his presence on the United States national team should make for some exciting moments in the Copa America tournament.


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