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Here Comes Everton

Continuing a pattern of regression since their 5th place finish in the 2013-14 season, Everton is again disappointing in the Premier League. Everton’s fall from England’s elite has brought shadows of doubt and speculation regarding the team’s future. However, bucking the trend, Everton was anything but disappointing on February 20th. On this day the lights… Read More »

Marcus Rashford: Manchester United’s Young New Hero

After being knocked out of the Champions’ League Group Stage, Manchester United was 2-1 down after the first leg against FC Midtjylland and in danger of humiliatingly getting knocked out of the first round of the knockout stage of the Europa League. Going into the second leg at home on February 25, 2016, United immediately… Read More »

Problems in Liverpool: Walking Out on the Club that “Never Walks Alone”

For the first time in the 124-year history of the club, Liverpool fans staged a walkout during one of their Premier League matches—and it was not for lack of quality on the pitch that was at issue with the home faithful. Liverpool was leading 2-0 at Anfield Saturday against Sunderland in an English Premier League… Read More »

Referee Complaints: A Part of the Game, or Pulling the Game Apart?

Is complaining to referees in soccer truly a part of the game? Or is it simply pulling the game apart? Although lacking a soccer background, sports have been a huge part of my life: I play lacrosse and also participated in football and basketball. The soccer culture is unfamiliar to me, and although I have watched… Read More »

The Dispensability of Coaches

The Mexican National soccer team has recently fired its head coach Jose Manuel de la Torre, following its world cup qualifying loss to the U.S., hiring Victor Manuel Vucetich to replace him.  This is the third coaching change that the Mexican National team has made this past week.  The decision to fire coaches as the immediate… Read More »

Standing alone on the terraces: The decline of the local game

Everyone who has a vague interest in soccer knows the big global brands and superstars; the Manchester Uniteds and the Real Madrids, the Kakas and Messis of the global game. We see them plastered across the back pages of newspapers and adorning front covers of glossy magazines. Television coverage of major soccer matches is all-pervasive.… Read More »