The Peoples Person


The People Person is a soccer blog dedicated to Manchester United. This blog covers all things Manchester United from match day coverage to the youth academy and everything in between. The blog mainly focuses on current news, transfer rumors and news, and academy news. The blog also has extensive profiles on the team as well as the under 21 and under 18 teams. The Peoples Person is currently the number one website for Manchester United fans. The Peoples Person aims to connect fans from all over the world with the best and most up to date news. The Peoples Person wants to be the sole platform for everything Manchester United. The authors of the blog are lifelong Manchester United fans. The blog was started when the chief editor wrote a strong university dissertation on the Munich Air Disaster. Ever since the blog has been creating more and more traffic and becoming more and more popular. The intended audience for this blog is all Manchester United fans. The goal is for anything about Manchester United to be on this blog. This blog also posts videos as well as a link to a youtube channel with videos of highlights as well as anything about Manchester United including funny and not so relevant videos. This blog mainly takes a positive stand about Manchester United, however, it can be critical of the team and manager at times. Clearly the author’s are huge fans and supporters of Manchester United, but they are also able to take a step back and look critically at their team. They are able to look critically without getting out of hand like huge supporters sometimes do.

This blog has a large place in the soccer community as it is the main blog for one the largest  and most important teams in the word. Manchester United has been one of the most popular and best teams in the world for a long time and people care about what is going on. Manchester United is one of those teams that reach a global fanbase that other teams just can’t. They have been a staple in soccer for a really long time and people care about what is going on with them. People want an active blog for Manchester United because they are also a very controversial team. Although traditionally very good, Manchester United has a history of messing up on the biggest stage and having massive meltdowns. It is in these moments when people want to see what others opinions are on Manchester United. Being the number one blog for Manchester United people look to The Peoples Person for analysis and opinions on their favorite team. The authors of this blog have a duty to the entire soccer community to represent the opinions both good and bad of Manchester United. They have the task of presenting both accurate and valuable information about one of the most important teams around the globe.

My favorite part about the blog is the section about the academy. I think this is a unique section that many sports blogs wouldn’t have. The amount of information that is on this section is amazing. The articles in this section are both cool and interesting as well as thought provoking. These articles provide real insight into players that the majority of fans haven’t even heard about. The blog also has pretty extensive pages about each of the players on the under 18 and under 21 teams. The player profiles for the regular team are even more extensive and have more information than any fan can want. Anything you want to know about a player besides for his current stats are on their pages. The blog has a really nice design and is very easy to use and navigate. It makes sense that this became the number one blog for Manchester United. The website makes it very easy to find and get all the information you want.The blog is also kept very current with over 80 posts a week or over 10 a day. This blog keeps its fans updated with the best and most up to date information possible. The authors clearly put a ton of time and effort into making this blog amazing. I looked at top blogs from other teams and found that this was one of the better ones. This one was also the most organized and user friendly. It also had the most extensive information about youth teams. The Peoples Person is a tremendous soccer blog and does everything you could want from a single team’s blog.