COPA90 US – David Duquette

COPA90 US is a YouTube channel dedicated to giving fan-centric coverage of the beautiful game for Americans. The channel has weekly videos on a wide range of topics, from discussions and debates about the current hot-button issues around the sport, the video game FIFA, and deep dives on the supporters of specific clubs all around the world. Led by former US Men’s National Team Player Heath Pearce, and a host of football super fans, COPA90 US offers the perfect blend of sophisticated and entertaining content for all kinds of soccer fans.

Are you a seasoned fan, looking for intelligent opinions and analysis on the biggest storylines in the game? Look no further than WTF (Walk. Talk. Football.), a weekly series where fans send in questions for Pearce to answer as he walks around New York City. Allowing the fans to set the agenda opens the discussion up to a vast range of interests, shedding light on oft-underappreciated leagues and players that sit just outside the mainstream of European club soccer. The show has notably featured special guests Miralem Pjanič, Hector Moreno, and Gaizka Mendieta, helping to create a connection and discourse between some of the games biggest stars and the fans.

Are you a new fan to the game of soccer, hoping to get help understanding the intricacies of the club game abroad? COPA90 US has tons of explainers on everything from the new Copa Libertadores format, to Liga MX’s odd promotion/relegation structure, to the Bosman ruling, which created Free Agency. These explainers are perfect for those who have been turned away from the game because its set up so differently from sports in the US, and should open the door for many potentially eager soccer fanatics.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to put your favorite team in a new league? Or whether your favorite young player will fully reach his potential? COPA90 US can at least provide you with possible answers to these questions in their many videos that run FIFA simulations. The channel often creates these thought experiments, and tests them out on the video game. My favorites in this series include testing whether Toronto FC could survive a relegation battle in the Premier League, looking ahead to what the World Cup rosters of many nations will be in 2022, and trying to find a way to fix Arsenal’s many problems through FIFA’s career mode. These are obviously just virtual simulations, and the reality tends to pan out much differently than the video would suggest, but it’s always fun to experiment with scenarios that will likely never occur in real life.

Are you a part of a rabid fan base, and want to learn about how other supporters groups around the world function? COPA90 US has what you are looking for. My favorite videos of theirs have to be when they travel to different countries, attend matches in the supporters sections, and interview the supporters themselves about their love for their club and for the beautiful game. Specific videos have covered Atlanta United in MLS, Östersunds FK in Sweden, and Venezia FC in Italy. These videos show the side of the game that all fans can relate to: sheer, untamed passion and love for the game. Showcasing these supporters gives them the spotlight that they so deserve, and connects people around the world in the name of the beautiful game.

With the game of soccer still trying to find its place in the American sports scene, COPA90 US is an outlet for any American interested in the sport. It explains and analyzes the game from a fans perspective that manages to tow the line perfectly between playful banter and sophisticated discourse. What’s so refreshing about the channel is it’s clearly open and inclusive nature. There’s a great deal of condescension surrounding American soccer culture, yet COPA90 US manages to steer clear of it all, helping to foster a burgeoning soccer culture within the country. If you are interested, you can find the channel here, and take a look at a few of my personal favorite videos below!


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