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Les Académies de Football

Il y a des dizaines d’académies de football pour les aspirants joueurs de football professionnel. Les meilleures joueurs de football du monde sont formés dans ces académies de football; par exemple, David Beckham, Gareth Bale, Franz Beckenbauer, Andres Iniesta, Adam Lallana, Sep Maier, Leonel Messi, Nani, Neymar Jr., Wesley Sneijder, Theo Walcott, Xavi, et des… Read More »

Soccer as an Escape in Brazilian Favelas

  With all of the recent conversation about favela destruction, drug gang violence, and a supposed World Cup of Terror in the running up to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, one very unexpected Dutch immigrant is providing a ray of hope to many of the impoverished children in the favelas, through the game of… Read More »

U17 World-Cup awarded to India

Despite football’s massive popularity in the world, the world’s four largest countries by population are, for the most part, quite disinterested in the game. The Chinese prefer basketball, the Indians are obsessed with Cricket, the United States has it’s Big 4 sports (Basketball, Baseball, American Football and Ice Hockey), while Indonesia loves its Badminton. If… Read More »

The Future of Youth Sports in America

While this post is not about Soccer exactly, I think in light of today’s class discussions comparing youth (American) football to youth soccer in the US it is of interest: Today a Think Progress article came out entitled “Enrollment in Youth Football down 10%”. The numbers given in the article show how youth football in… Read More »