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Soccer and Terrorism

With terrorism garnering the majority of news headlines in the recent months and weeks, it is hard not to think of it impacting every aspect of daily life. Unfortunately, soccer is not immune from the dangers of terrorism. In fact, soccer matches have often been the target of many terrorist attacks, as stadiums are prime locations… Read More »

The End of an Era: Will There Be a European Super League?

Viewership and potential for profit set the stage for many of the biggest deals in sports around the world. It should come as no surprise that football, one of the most oft criticized sports for backroom deals and controversy over finances—see the Qatar 2022 World Cup issue—is once again at center stage for the future… Read More »

Gianni Infantino: The New President of FIFA

(Previous coverage of the 2016 FIFA election includes: “Meeting the FIFA Presidential Candidates” by Rachael Humke and “February 26th, 2016” by Nick Salzman) A few weeks ago we met the FIFA Presidential Candidates and now that the election has completed we can delve further into what to expect from the newly elected Gianni Infantino. The… Read More »

February 26th, 2016

      Friday will mark one of the most historical days in football history. While immorality surrounds FIFA following the corruption charges, there will be an election held to replace Sepp Blatter as president of this important organization.   FIFA stands for The Federation Internationale de Football Association. It was founded in France on… Read More »

The Decline of Serie A?

As of February 25th, 2015, Juventus is 9 points on top of the Serie A table. Unless they crash out unexpectedly, they are on course to win a consecutive 4th title. It has been a recurring theme that Juventus wins the league by a staggering amount – in the last season, they won the league… Read More »

Soccer and National Identity in Belgium

 (image courtesy of the BBC)   This past summer during the World Cup viewers learned a lot about the political troubles of Brazil and how the World Cup helped unite the nation to some extent during the games. A conflict we do not hear much about in America is that of Belgium: specifically the French and… Read More »

How the Citizens Stole Lampard

Well, not exactly; more like “borrowing” an old but still functional squirt gun that your little brother picked up for free from a garage sale, and using that to annoy its previous owner in every way possible for an entire year. Here’s my quick pre-apology to all Manchester City fans, and to Frank Lampard for… Read More »