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Taking Technology to New Limits

We have been hearing all about goal line technology and how we may see other new technologies emerge, often showcased at the premier level that is the World Cup in 2014. However, in one of my most recent neuroscience classes, we discussed a Duke researcher, Miguel Nicolelis, who works in Brazil and seeks to have… Read More »

The Soccket Ball

As an engineer, I am guilty of “nerding out” and gushing about neat technologies. When I stumbled across an article about the “soccket ball,” I was overjoyed and felt compelled to share with the Soccer Politics community. Back in July, President Obama visited Tanzania and kicked around a soccer ball in the capital city of… Read More »

EA Sports FIFA, US, and The Global Game

In the United States, Saturdays and Sunday are reserved for one thing: football. Across the country, people neglect their chores, homework, jobs, and responsibilities to flock to sports bars, friend’s couches, and the biggest TV they can find to in order to watch college and professional football. Recently, however, American sports fans have been putting… Read More »

Why Video Technology Is Not The Answer

Sports have kept in touch with technology as the information age has changed the face of modern games. Cricket, basketball, rugby, tennis, American football, and a plethora of other sports employ video technology in order to help referees make decisions and review calls. However, football, arguably the world’s most popular sport, has yet to integrate… Read More »

Against Video Replay

When Saturday Comes published this short opinion piece about the idea of introducing video replay to football. It, along with the commentary it generated, struck me as a usefully balanced exploration of the always-hot topic.