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Barcelona, Real Madrid; The politics in the play

Every time these two soccer heavyweights square up we all love it. This rivalry has been home to the biggest names in soccer and produced some of the most memorable moments in the history of the beautiful game. However, watching the style of play for both teams closely, something stands out. Just to give you… Read More »

A Brief History of El Clasico

El Clasico is one of the most iconic and ferocious matchups in soccer celebrating the intense rivalry between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid two teams, which have historically dominated the La Liga. But El Clasico is more than just an intense Red Sox vs. Yankees like matchup; it’s another battle in the never-ending war of… Read More »

Would you like some Sushi..taka? The Japanese style of soccer

Recently, the Japanese soccer team has been on the rise. They’ve recovered from the recent criticisms arising from their poor performance in the Confederations Cup. In their most recent matches, the Japanese national team has stood toe-to-toe with both the Netherlands and Belgium. In the match versus the Netherlands, Japan was not fazed at all… Read More »

Slavic Rivals: A Brief History

The historically vicious Belgrade derby took place earlier this month on November 2nd. While Red Star clearly dominated the match, the only goal posted during the game was by Partizan defender Milan Obradovic, who accidentally scored on his own keeper with a header in the 18th minute. Partizan fans took home a loss from Red… Read More »