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Garuda Select

Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar have become well-known names among even those with a minimal connection to soccer as the sport continues to grow internationally. However, I’ve always wondered what the journey was like for players to reach that stage – namely to have the opportunity to be a part of the biggest soccer clubs in the… Read More »

One of a Million

What about a soccer star is so magnetizing? Is it the fame? Or the ability, wealth, or influence? Simply put, we all value things differently, and it’s likely the things we value most that will pull us to any particular star. A particularly passionate person may be drawn to a star’s passion for the sport,… Read More »

Football to a non-fan

With billions of fans, tens of billions of dollars, and a history just as impressive, football’s presence and influence on the world mercilessly grips the title of the biggest sport in the world. Few entities on this planet can display banners as big as football’s in humanity’s collective psyche. But while football may be the… Read More »