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Public Money for Private Stadiums?

On Wednesday, Minnesota United was officially announced as an expansion side into Major League Soccer. The franchise looks to build a 20,000 seat stadium from scratch; however, the Minnesota Governor stated that Minnesota United and Major League Soccer will not be receiving public money for their private stadium [1]. Minnesota Democrats and Republicans came out in… Read More »

Una visita al estadio del Philadelphia Union

El estadio como representación del equipo y de la cultura   Mi primera (y sola) experiencia con un partido profesional de fútbol pasó cuando tenía dieciséis años. Una prima me invitó venir para un partido entre el Philadelphia Union y el San Jose Earthquakes. No sabía que esperar porque no era una fanática del MLS;… Read More »

Influx of foreign players into Major League Soccer

With the start of the 2015 Major League Soccer (MLS) season and the newly signed Collective Bargaining Agreement, there are many notable things going on for soccer in the United States. Specifically, it is important to note the increasing presence of foreign soccer stars playing in the MLS. Now more than ever before, foreign players are scattered throughout the… Read More »

MLS’s New CBA – Baby Steps

Earlier this month, much hubbub was made that the Major League Soccer Players Union had yet to reach an agreement with the MLS regarding the new collective bargaining agreement (CBA). Up until the third day of negotiations on March 4th, the players were still maintaining their demand of free agency. It seemed that the games that… Read More »

MLS Salaries

On my way home from a game of pickup soccer I was talking to a friend about what it takes to be a professional. We discussed the ultra tracked life of European soccer players, elite soccer academies, and reserve teams. However we also discussed the options for American soccer players, especially those who elected to… Read More »

How the Citizens Stole Lampard

Well, not exactly; more like “borrowing” an old but still functional squirt gun that your little brother picked up for free from a garage sale, and using that to annoy its previous owner in every way possible for an entire year. Here’s my quick pre-apology to all Manchester City fans, and to Frank Lampard for… Read More »