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Fred el Rojo y el Diablo Azul: Comparando Manchester United y Duke, dos equipos bien amados (y odiados)

“Oído, adorado, nunca ignorado” una bandera de un fanático de Manchester United … ¿o fue una de un fanático de Duke? Con el partido famoso del baloncesto entre Duke y UNC-Chapel Hill ocurriendo en pocos días, quiero tomar la oportunidad de examinar por qué se odian algunos equipos. ¿Existen factores comunes entre los diablos azules… Read More »

Marcus Rashford: Manchester United’s Young New Hero

After being knocked out of the Champions’ League Group Stage, Manchester United was 2-1 down after the first leg against FC Midtjylland and in danger of humiliatingly getting knocked out of the first round of the knockout stage of the Europa League. Going into the second leg at home on February 25, 2016, United immediately… Read More »

Manchester United’s Future with David Moyes

Anyone who watched the Manchester Derby this past weekend was witness to absolute and complete demolition that Manchester City laid upon their long time rivals Manchester United.  This crushing 4-1 defeat is just another disappointing result for David Moyes in the early stages of his position as the manager of Manchester United.  Throughout the match,… Read More »