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Broken Managers – The Process and Consequence of Losing the Dressing Room

It’s not uncommon for a bloke in England watching a football news program to hear the phrase “manager lose the dressing room”. An idiom referring to a situation in which the players cease to respect and follow their manager’s instructions, this phrase is such a popular term to use in speculating any disputes within a… Read More »

Media Making too Much Meal Out of a Match?

Here’s an interesting interview between John Motson and Brian Clough; the former, a news pundit, and the latter, one of the best managers in the history of English Football. The discussion revolves around the issue of over-emphasis of the media that overshadows the actual game. Pre-match and the post-match discussions and hypes are integral parts… Read More »

A Personal Afterthought on the Importance of the Coach

Introduced to soccer at the mere age of 4, it took me a while to call it “the beautiful game.” My earliest years on the pitch were spent poking ant piles and pulling out grass in the midst of the match. Through proper coaching and encouragement, I graduated from that phase and worked my way… Read More »

The Dispensability of Coaches

The Mexican National soccer team has recently fired its head coach Jose Manuel de la Torre, following its world cup qualifying loss to the U.S., hiring Victor Manuel Vucetich to replace him.  This is the third coaching change that the Mexican National team has made this past week.  The decision to fire coaches as the immediate… Read More »