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English Premier League: We Have a Title Race!

Does anybody else miss the drama we saw at the Etihad at the end of the 2011-2012 season? It was Aguero’s strike that sent ripples through Manchester and the rest of England, as Manchester United were forced to stop their celebrations as news of a late extra-time winner meant they were no longer the champions.… Read More »

Farewell, Tinkerman: Looking back at the Claudio Ranieri sacking one year later

Last Spring, I wrote a research paper for Professor Ed Tiryakian’s Business of Sport class here at Duke that focused on the source and implications of rampant managerial turnover in the English Premier League. I had become passionate about the topic after Leicester’s February 2017 sacking of prolific Italian manager Claudio Ranieri, who had defied all… Read More »

The Beauty of the Underdog

I can’t say that I have been a soccer fan for long. Growing up in Texas, most of my childhood was focused on football, basketball, and baseball. As a result, those were my favorite sports, both to watch and play. Throughout my childhood, I realized that there are teams that seemed like everyone disliked. These… Read More »

La Racha Improbable de Leicester City

El verano pasado, Leicester City había ninguna garantía de permanecer en la Premier League. El presidente le dijo al gerente Claudio Ranieri, “Claudio, this is a very important year for the club. It is very important for us to stay in the Premier League. We have to stay safe.” Leicester City necesitaba 40 puntos para sobrevivir,… Read More »

N’Golo Kanté : une ascension fulgurante

N’Golo marque son première but en Equipe de France contre la Russie le 29 Mars 2016. Source:   N’Golo Kanté, né le 29 mars 1991 à Paris de parents maliens, n’a pas eu une progression banale. En effet, il y a seulement trois ans, Kanté venait de signer pour le SM Caen, une équipe de… Read More »

El milagro del Leicester City

En estas semanas, discutiremos la dinámica y a veces conflictiva relación entre la economía y el fútbol entendido como un negocio con características muy especiales, tal como lo muestra David Goldblatt en su libro The Game of Our Lives. En su artículo para BBC Mundo, Raúl Fain Binda intenta explicar cómo un equipo con un presupuesto muchísimo… Read More »