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Le ventre de l’Atlantique, Fatou Diome

Même si presque personne ne se plaindra des jours de neige que nous avons eus ces deux dernières semaines (ce qui m’a d’ailleurs permis de découvrir le talent de sculpteur des enfants de mon quartier qui ont exprimé leur tristesse absolue de manquer l’école [ironique] en créant des bonhommes de neige grandeur nature), nous n’avons… Read More »

FA Foreign Policy 

Over the last decade we have witnessed the English Premier League turn into one of the major hubs for international football stars. It has increased the inter-club competition, evening up the playing field, causing the league to become arguably the best league in the World. However, in early September, Greg Dyke, the FA chairman, released plans to tighten… Read More »

Revolution’s Diego Fagundez Cap-Tied to Uruguay, Ineligible to Play for USMNT

  This past Thursday, New England Revolution youngster Diego Fagundez started for Uruguay in the South American Under 20 Championship, which, under current FIFA rules, will permanently exclude him from suiting up for the United States Men’s National Team in the future [1]. Many fans of the USMNT were hoping that the 19 year old… Read More »

English FA Intends to Take Action on the Ease of Work Permits

English Football Association Chairman Greg Dyke has long sought to change the current work permit system that allows for a large number of non-European Union internationals the chance to compete in England. The BBC reported that in 2013, English players played under one-third of the minutes in the Premier League, in aggregate. Currently, many in England believe that international… Read More »

Deux Perceptions en concurrence de l’immigration en France

J’ai bien apprécié l’autobiographie de Lilian Thuram que les étudiants francophones ont lu la semaine dernière, et je veux ici élaborer sur mon commentaire du 7 novembre. L’autobiographie est un texte d’espoir, un texte qui démontre la possibilité illimitée qui existe en France. Sans doute, Thuram reconnaît qu’il existe certains problèmes et tensions qui tourmentent… Read More »

The Racialisation of Football in Italy

The conversation in today’s class has spurned me to look into the racialization and politization of football in Italy. Both Italy and France share many similarities in that, football creates a huge platform for media attention. Football players in European countries often receive more media attention than politicians and for that reason they are often… Read More »

The Blood of the Impure

This Post was originally published at Football is a Country. My thanks to them for permission to cross-post. The French national anthem, La Marseillaise, is, if you think about it, a pretty nasty song. It dreams, in one of its more memorable verses, that the “blood of the impure” will “irrigate our fields.” It’s a… Read More »

Mario Balotelli and the New Europe

During international football competitions like the European Cup, eleven players briefly become their country, for a time, on the pitch. A nation is a difficult thing to grasp: unpalpable, mythic, flighty. Historians might labor away to define the precise contours of a country’s culture and institutions, and even sometimes attempt to delineate its soul, while… Read More »