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“The Referee” by Mattias Low

Swedish director Mattias Löw, of the production company Freedom From Choice, shared with me a short documentary called “The Referee,” about the unfortunate Martin Hannson, who officiated the France-Ireland qualifier last fall and failed to call Thierry Henry’s decisive handball. I wrote about the case here at the time, and later did penance for the… Read More »

A Blue Flame

It’s strange to say, but I felt a powerful sense of relief after France’s defeat by Mexico. I’ve been rooting for France steadily since 2006, through the crash-and-burn of Euro 2008, through a qualifying campaign that constantly seemed like Waterloo (with Serbs instead the English), through the ire of Ireland, optimistic to a fault. Now… Read More »

Play Like a Soccer Star

Thierry Henry may have handled the ball to pick up an assist in France’s 1-1 tie against Ireland, but that doesn’t mean he can’t also score goals all by himself, or all by his hand. That’s at least the point of this game. Click the link and then click on “Joeur” to see how many… Read More »

Henry, God’s Hand and the Philosophy of Football

With the furor surrounding the France-Ireland game, and Thierry Henry’s decisive handball, dying down a little, it may be time to think through what just happened, and what it illuminates for us about the sport of football. After receiving a barrage of criticism, a not inconsiderable amount of it openly racist, Henry redeemed himself in… Read More »


I found myself strangely elated after the France-Serbia qualifier last week. As a fan of the French team there was, of course, no good reason to feel this. It was one more poor outcome by a team, under the questionable guidance of Domenech, that has an incredible roster but nevertheless has been limping along for… Read More »