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Soccer Robots: Imperfect Men

Perhaps a byproduct of playing FIFA , highlight reels, constant social media clips and the focus on amazing goals and plays in soccer, many have come to expect constant greatness, perfection out of soccer. We see Messi touch the ball, Ronaldo take a free kick and our stomachs tighten, waiting for the inevitable goal. Something… Read More »

“Eu” No Futebol

Eu sou o jogo. O futebol é eu. Eu sou o futebol. Eu sou a bola. A bola é eu. Eu sou os jogadores. Os jogadores são eu. Futebol é o mais conhecido esporte no mundo e é amado pelo milhões de pessoas. Como que o futebol ficou tão popular? Por que não o basquete,… Read More »

¿Fue legal el gol más rápido de la historia?

Vuk Bakic, delantero serbio del GSP Polet, anotó este gol en el saque inicial del partido que su equipo ganó 4-1 en septiembre de 2012. Fue, casi literalmente, como si su equipo comenzara el partido con el marcador a favor. Ahora bien, el gol suscitó una gran polémica puesto que habría dos factores que no harían… Read More »

Benzema brille sans Ronaldo

Grâce à l’absence de Cristiano Ronaldo (, les autres joueurs de Real Madrid ont eu leur opportunité de montrer les autres équipes de La Liga qu’ils peuvent réussir sans le joueur qui a reçu le Ballon D’or. Les autres joueurs de Real Madrid ont fallu compenser pour son absence. Le buteur français, Karim Benzema, a fait… Read More »

Goal vs. Gol

Real Madrid faced Real Sociedad this morning, and, as predicted (and as per usual), los Blancos came out on top.  One of the highlights of the match: Karim Benzema’s beautiful goal in the 75th minute.  I was watching the game in English, but afterwards, when I wanted to see the highlight again, I found a Spanish-language version–and… Read More »

Puskas Awards 2009

Created in honour of Ferenc Puskás, captain and star of the Hungarian national team during the 1950s, the FIFA Puskás Award will be bestowed upon the player from either the men’s or women’s game judged to have scored the best goal of the year. The final decision gets determined by users. In making their decision, the… Read More »

Beach Balls are for the Beach

Check out what occurred when Sunderland played at Liverpool recently. In second 32 you can see the Liverpool fan hit the beach ball onto the pitch. This beach ball comes back to act as a striker providing a masterful flick past the Liverpool goalie. I have always noticed soccer fields throughout the world (especially in… Read More »

A Long-Distance Header Secures a Victory for Boca

I came across a report in So Foot Magazine about this remarkable goal scored by Martin Palermo for Boca in Argentina. (Palermo is also playing on the struggling national team). [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /]