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Euro 2004: The Greek shock

As we prepare our final projects on a variety of topics relating to the upcoming international competitions and as I work on a piece regarding the 2016 Euro Cup I am reminded of the last Euro Cup I ever paid attention too, the 2004 tournament in Portugal. As someone who isn’t an avid soccer fan… Read More »

England Up Top

Rooney: “My lad asked me to get an England kit with Vardy on the back!” For the first time in many years England have a bit of a striker dilemma. Wayne Rooney, England’s record goal scorer and captain, has been struggling with injury and has missed both of England’s friendlies during this international break. During… Read More »

El Racismo en el Futbol Europeo

El racismo en el deporte del fútbol, en los escenarios nacionales e internacionales, ha sido frecuente desde el comienzo de este deporte. Como se discutió previamente, en este blog y en el clase, deportes reflejan las características de la sociedad en que se están jugando, incluyendo la política, las calles y todos los sentimientos sociales.… Read More »

The End of an Era: Will There Be a European Super League?

Viewership and potential for profit set the stage for many of the biggest deals in sports around the world. It should come as no surprise that football, one of the most oft criticized sports for backroom deals and controversy over finances—see the Qatar 2022 World Cup issue—is once again at center stage for the future… Read More »

Soccer Robots: Imperfect Men

Perhaps a byproduct of playing FIFA , highlight reels, constant social media clips and the focus on amazing goals and plays in soccer, many have come to expect constant greatness, perfection out of soccer. We see Messi touch the ball, Ronaldo take a free kick and our stomachs tighten, waiting for the inevitable goal. Something… Read More »

Marcus Rashford: Manchester United’s Young New Hero

After being knocked out of the Champions’ League Group Stage, Manchester United was 2-1 down after the first leg against FC Midtjylland and in danger of humiliatingly getting knocked out of the first round of the knockout stage of the Europa League. Going into the second leg at home on February 25, 2016, United immediately… Read More »

L’histoire du maillot

Selon le joueur Diego Maradona, pendant sa carrière en argentine, il faut « donner tout pour le maillot ».  Le maillot est une des plus grandes représentations de l’équipe.  Soit ses valeurs, soit son histoire, le maillot est beaucoup plus qu’un des vêtements d’un joueur.  Les maillots du sport, et en particulier, pour les équipes, sont très… Read More »