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Protecting the Referees

As athletes go, the inexperienced and least-skilled players can get more passionate about the game than the professionals. Outside the professional leagues, players across all sports are not held to a standard of maturity or integrity in their style of play. When money and mass fandom comes into play, players become idols and role models.… Read More »

Forgiving Maradona

Emir Kusturica’s film Maradona follows the internationally acclaimed football star in all of his enigmatic, outrageous glory as he gives his own perspective on his life of fame: political outrage, athletic prowess, capacity for deception, and intense drug use all included. Amidst the complicated tale of Maradona’s success and the demons that sometimes threaten it,… Read More »

The World Cup and the Dirty War

In 1978, Argentina hosted the World Cup in the midst of a period of tremendous political repression. Grant Farred’s book Long Distance Love tells this story, and reflects on what it means for the way we think about politics and football. More recently, this 2014 piece by Wright Thompson offers a remarkable account of the… Read More »

Respuesta al libro de Gaffney

El argumento principal del libro de Gaffney es que los estadios son aspectos importantes de todos los sociedades y culturas del mundo. Los estadios nos impresionan porque son espacios donde se puede compartir emociones al mismo tiempo en el mismo lugar. Además, destaca el hecho que los juegos que ocurren en los estadios a menudo… Read More »

Temple of the Earthbound Gods (Français)

  Original Discussion in English:   En discutant ce livre dans la section française, nous étions fascinés par le développement de l’argument que Christopher Gaffney a présenté. Il parle du symbolisme des stades en analysant quatre stades au Brésil et les stades en générale aux Buenos Aires. Il utilise cette méthode pour souligner comment les… Read More »

Temples of the Earthbound Gods

Christopher Gaffney’s book Temples of the Earthbound Gods offers us a rich geographical, culture, and ethnographic look at the way lives in Brazil and Argentina intersect with and our transformed by the space of stadia. What do you see as the most interesting contributions of this work? What kinds of theoretical approaches does he use… Read More »

Riquelme: The Artist Lays Down the Brush, One Month Later

When Boca Juniors manager Héctor Veira decided to give 18-year old Juan Román Riquelme his senior-level debut on November 10, 1996, he knew exactly what he was doing. What he saw was a young, strong, resilient central attacking midfielder with an incisive passing game and goal-scoring eye to match. He would eventually metamorphose into an… Read More »