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About Thamina Stoll

Thamina Stoll was born and raised in Munich, Germany and initially only meant to stay at Duke for a study abroad year. But then she fell in love with Duke and decided to transfer for good. Before she came to the States, Thamina worked as a sports reporter at M94.5, a radio station based in Munich. As part of the Duke Athletics Social Media Team, Thamina does live-coverage of the Blue Devils' football, basketball, volleyball and soccer games on various social media platforms. She is a loyal Bayern Munich fan.

Fußballpolitik – im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes

Was haben sich Lahm, Schweini, Neuer & Co. gefreut, als nach dem mehr als geglückten WM-Auftakt gegen Portugal die Bundeskanzlerin höchstpersönlich in der Mannschaftskabine aufgetaucht ist, um zum verdienten Sieg zu gratulieren und den teilweise leichtbekleideten Weltmeistern in spe viel Glück für den weiteren Verlauf des Turniers zu wünschen. Ein Selfie hier, ein Selfie da… Read More »

Ballon d’Or: Why it should have been Neuer

This past Monday would have been a great day to make history. Instead, January 12, 2015 will be remembered as the day where soccer players, coaches and sports experts from all over the world collaboratively could have made history but unfortunately refused to do so. Of course I’m referring to Cristiano Ronaldo being awarded the… Read More »