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Soccer is “The Global Game.” It is played by 250 million people across 200 countries, making it the world’s most popular sport. Yet, despite the fact that people of all ethnicities seem to love the sport, the game is quickly becoming famous for racism. In February 2015, a group of Chelsea fans famously chanted racist remarks at… Read More »

Gangs of New York

Born and raised in New York, I am used to the divides and arguments that come with being a local sports fan. I am a Jets, Knicks, Yankees, and Rangers fans, with hatred for the Giants, Nets, Mets, and Islanders. People that approach me about rooting for the “other” teams that represent New York will… Read More »

The Other Broken System in Greece

Recently, Greece has been in the news. Their economic situation pushed them to near bankruptcy and the other European nations decided that they would no longer support a defunct system without the Greek government submitting a list of planned reforms. The newly elected left-wing government, after failing to change the Euro Zone’s austerity policies, turned… Read More »

Women’s soccer in FIFA 20??

I have never played competitive soccer in my life. I have also never played recreational soccer in my life. I have never followed any league or any player at any level of soccer as a fan. Yet, when it comes to naming the rosters and formations of soccer teams, I can converse with almost any… Read More »