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Skier, Software Engineer, Arsenal and Real Madrid Fan.

The Role of Soccer in Latin American Culture

From a young age I was exposed to soccer as huge component of Latin American culture, my father is a huge soccer fan and would often get together with his friends to watch games over the weekend or listen to games on the radio. When he got together with friends to watch the games it… Read More »

Jorge Mendes: Super Agent

Cristiano Ronaldo, James Rodriguez, Angel Di Maria, David De Gea, Diego Costa. These are just some of the superstars that Jorge Mendes represents. Mendes is a Portuguese soccer agent who is one of the most influential in the world and lays claim to about 68% of all player transactions at Sporting Lisbon, Benfica, and Porto… Read More »

Is James Rodriguez Really Worth €81 Million?

James Rodriguez is a 23 year old Colombian soccer player, who was recently transferred to Real Madrid after playing for AS Monaco FC. James has been an excellent player for some time now, but gained significantly more fame recently after stellar performance playing for Colombia at the 2014 World Cup. That being said €81 million… Read More »

A Brief History of El Clasico

El Clasico is one of the most iconic and ferocious matchups in soccer celebrating the intense rivalry between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid two teams, which have historically dominated the La Liga. But El Clasico is more than just an intense Red Sox vs. Yankees like matchup; it’s another battle in the never-ending war of… Read More »