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Labor Disputes in Women’s Soccer

In 2016, United States women’s national soccer team players Carli Lloyd, Alex Morgan, Becky Sauerbrunn, Megan Rapinoe, and Hope Solo filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over wage discrimination. A year later, the players signed an agreement with the United States’ soccer board guaranteeing better compensation. According to The Guardian, “The new… Read More »

Soccer in the Sun and Shadow, Part 2

Galeano ends his description of Jairzhino’s winning goal for Brazil in the 1970 World Cup with reference to the “hot breeze blowing from the south” (p. 155). As we discussed in class on Thursday, this can be read as an allusion to the Global South. Keep in mind that Brazil’s victory against England, a powerful… Read More »

Sachin Nakrani: “Paul Pogba’s ‘pace and power’ stresses need for rethink over BAME coverage”

In an insightful opinion piece published in yesterday’s Guardian, sports writer Sachin Nakrani criticizes the tendency to write of black soccer/football players in a way that emphasizes these players’ brute strength over their technique. This kind of coverage, Nakrani argues, “feeds into narrative that follows black athletes around, namely that their primary attributes are physical rather… Read More »