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The Controversy of South Korea: 2002 World Cup

If one were to take a look at the results of the 2002 World Cup, one might applaud the South Korean underdogs of the tournaments for rising up to the occasion and advancing over heavy favorites. In reality, it’s one of the most controversial tournaments in the history of the World Cup. The controversy started… Read More »

Heartbreak for Les Parisians: PSG in the Champions League

To this date, the best match that I have watched has been the 2014 Champions League quarter-finals match between Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain. The game in it of itself wasn’t exceptionally thrilling. It was, however, the first Champions League match that I saw in person. Everything about the day was memorable. From the moment we… Read More »

Soccer and the Stock Market: C. Ronaldo’s Impact on Juventus

When soccer fans typically think about ownership of the top clubs in Europe, people imagine billionaires such as Roman Abramovich (Chelsea), the Glazers (Manchester United), and Stanley Kroenke (Arsenal). However, what might not come immediately to mind are people like you and me. Football clubs used to earn the majority of their revenue simply from… Read More »