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Hublot and the referee board.

Something’s up. So. Every so often in soccer, one of the teams will sub out a player. (It’s a pretty common occurrence, I’m sure you’ve seen it before.) The incoming player and an accompanying referee walk out to the middle of field. That referee has this, kind of pointless, job of holding up a display… Read More »

My roommate, a friend, and a FIFA betting addiction.

It started with a simple equation: TV + Xbox = FIFA. Nick (my roommate) and I came back to Duke after a semester abroad to a very familiar Central Campus apartment. I guess we lucked out this time around in the lottery because they gave us a nicer couch! We were roommates last year and… Read More »

Deshorn Brown is my guy.

People talk about their favorite players all the time. “Oh sure, Messi, he’s my guy, love him.” “Yeah, I like Ronaldo. I know. Sorry.” “Zlatan’s my favorite. The man’s crazy.” Sure that’s all great. Whatever. My favorite player? Well, that’s Deshorn Brown. He’s my guy. This is Deshorn Brown, incase you didn’t know who he… Read More »