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Goal Scoring Goalie?

Perhaps unknown to soccer fans outside of Brazil, Rogério Ceni is somewhat of a legend in Brazil, especially to fans of São Paulo FC, the team he’s played at his entire professional career (since 1993). Ceni is known for being extremely loyal to São Paulo: he holds the record for most matches played as captain… Read More »

He’s Back!

One of the greatest players the world has ever seen, Ronaldo Fenômeno (the original Ronaldo), will be returning to the soccer field this year. Ronaldo had an incredibly victorious 18-year career. In Brazil’s National Team, he won the World Cup twice (1994 and 2002), along with reaching the Finals in 1998. In Europe, he once formed the… Read More »

How Many Advertisements is Enough?

Here’s a challenge for you: try watching a professional game of soccer where a club team has no advertisements on its shirt. No matter what team you watch and cheer for: whether its Samsung for Chelsea, Fly Emirates for Arsenal, Real Madrid & AC Milan, Jeep for Juventus or even EasyJet for Luton F.C. (a third division English… Read More »

Why aren’t they equal?

In today’s world, the men’s soccer game heavily dominates. No matter where one goes, usually the most competitive leagues are men’s leagues. While it is not common for people to know hundreds of male soccer players, the same cannot be said for their female counterparts. I recently spoke to a friend of mine who gave me… Read More »