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Stephanie Labbé Banned from Men’s Professional League

Stephanie Labbé, Canada’s starting goalkeeper is trying her luck playing on a men’s team. The 31-year-old from Alberta stepped away from her NWSL club the Washington Spirit midway through the 2017 season after struggling with mental health. After struggling to find a solution in the NWSL through trades, Labbé looked to stay closer to home… Read More »

Wage Inequality in Football

Introduction Wage Inequality in Society In 2017, for every dollar a man earned, a woman was paid 82 cents  (Farber, 2017). While this difference has seen significant improvements, from the 54 cents to every dollar prior to the Equal Pay Act of 1963, the 18-cent deficit is not insignificant when looking at equal pay for… Read More »

The Longevity of the NWSL

The NWSL announced in late January that the league would stop operations in Boston, folding one of the first pillar teams of the NWSL league, the Boston Breakers. Rumours spread only one week before the 2018 NWSL draft that the new buyer for the team just recently dropped out of the contract. With that, only… Read More »