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Why Thierry Henry should not succeed Arsene Wenger

Following a post on this forum on ‘Who should replace arsene wenger‘ in which the author suggests Theirry Henry is the best candidate, I felt the urge to respond with reasons why I believe Thierry Henry, my all time favorite player is not the right man to take over from Arsene Wenger.   Just to set… Read More »

Barcelona, Real Madrid; The politics in the play

Every time these two soccer heavyweights square up we all love it. This rivalry has been home to the biggest names in soccer and produced some of the most memorable moments in the history of the beautiful game. However, watching the style of play for both teams closely, something stands out. Just to give you… Read More »

Ballon D`Or, is it all about goals ?

As an avid soccer fan, one who yearns for the beautiful game to be played in a beautiful way, I have come to appreciate the role of the playmaker. In the words of Galeano, “Years have gone by and I’ve finally learned to accept myself for who I am: a beggar for good soccer. I… Read More »