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Danielle is a junior at Duke University, majoring in Public Policy and History. Although she loves Real Madrid, Philadelphia sports are her true passion, from the Phillies to the Eagles—and even the Union, too.

From Tragedy to “Golden Chicharito”

Last week, Carlos Reyes Stoneham wrote a wonderful post detailing Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez’s unfortunate issues on Real Madrid, including his almost-permanent relegation to the bench, potential bumps he could face once his loan to Real Madrid expires, and his strained relationship with both Real and Manchester United.  However, a few days later, Hernandez scored the game-winning goal in… Read More »

Soccer and Snapchat

This is a pretty cool article about Snapchat at the US vs. Mexico friendly this past weekend.  I personally forgot the friendly was even taking place—until I checked my Snapchat in the middle of the afternoon and found a “Live Story” of the game.  The Live Story allowed people attending the game to submit a Snapchat… Read More »

El Clásico en Madrid

Round 2 of El Clásico is tomorrow, which I’m sure will soon command a lot of attention on this blog.  Yes, there’s a lot to be said right now about Real not playing its best football, and Barcelona looking like the well-oiled machine everyone expected its Messi-Neymar-Suarez line to be, and I’m sure some of my… Read More »


At the beginning of this semester, I knew next to nothing about international soccer.  In fact, outside of my experience on a pee-wee soccer club, idolization of Mia Hamm as a kid, rooting for the USMNT during World Cup years, and time spent in Madrid, I knew very little about soccer at all.  One of… Read More »

Goal vs. Gol

Real Madrid faced Real Sociedad this morning, and, as predicted (and as per usual), los Blancos came out on top.  One of the highlights of the match: Karim Benzema’s beautiful goal in the 75th minute.  I was watching the game in English, but afterwards, when I wanted to see the highlight again, I found a Spanish-language version–and… Read More »