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Book Review: “A Home on the Field” by Paul Cuadros

Approximately a year after moving to the southeastern United States to gather evidence for a book on the Latino diaspora, investigative journalist Paul Cuadros chose to start a soccer team at Jordan-Matthews High School in Siler City, North Carolina instead. Upon reading his book A Home on the Field: How One Championship Soccer Team Inspires… Read More »

Book Review: “Fútbol!: Why Soccer Matters in Latin America” by Joshua Nadel

To think of football as just as a game is to ignore not only its relationship to national identities, but also its instrumental role in forging these identities. In his book Fútbol!: Why Soccer Matters in Latin America, Joshua Nadel sheds valuable light on this role by examining the impact of football in Argentina, Honduras,… Read More »

Book Review: “The Game of Our Lives” by David Goldblatt

In his book The Game of Our Lives, David Goldblatt expertly captures the sweeping economic, political, and social changes of British society in the post-Thatcher era through his analysis of football. The sheer scale of football and its central place in British cultural life renders the sport a ripe medium for exploring Britain’s changing character.… Read More »