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I am a senior at Duke studying Biomedical Engineering. I played soccer recreationally as a kid, but unfortunately over the past 15 years I've lost my touch.

What is going on in the soccer world right now…?

In the past three days, the soccer world has been flooded with terrifying stories of soccer-related bombings, Nazi chants, and even an attempted choking on an airplane. Although I haven’t been following the sport of soccer for very long, this burst of soccer-related violence and hate is both unexpected and depressing. But if anything, these recent events of violence… Read More »

Influx of foreign players into Major League Soccer

With the start of the 2015 Major League Soccer (MLS) season and the newly signed Collective Bargaining Agreement, there are many notable things going on for soccer in the United States. Specifically, it is important to note the increasing presence of foreign soccer stars playing in the MLS. Now more than ever before, foreign players are scattered throughout the… Read More »

China’s Grand Plan for Soccer Success

For the past decade, China has been considered a rising power in political, economic, and numerous other spheres. But in terms of men’s soccer, this country performs dismally at best. For most Chinese citizens, China’s performance in men’s soccer is considered a national embarrassment. Currently, the Chinese Men’s National Team is ranked 96 – for… Read More »