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About Bryan Silverman

Bryan is currently a junior at Duke University majoring in neuroscience. He is an avid soccer player, playing at high levels throughout his life, but not too much of a fan of any particular professional team. He is, however, the best FIFA player within his fraternity and welcomes any challenge to try to take him down.

Censorship in Sochi

We have been talking a lot in class about the questionable decisions for the World Cup to be in Brazil in 2014 and Qatar in 2022 based on current conditions, but today we found out that officials at the Sochi Olympics will not allow photos and documentation to be shown to the public via many… Read More »

Taking Technology to New Limits

We have been hearing all about goal line technology and how we may see other new technologies emerge, often showcased at the premier level that is the World Cup in 2014. However, in one of my most recent neuroscience classes, we discussed a Duke researcher, Miguel Nicolelis, who works in Brazil and seeks to have… Read More »