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Dissent among former stars about the 2014 World Cup

The debate about whether the 2014 World Cup is good for Brazil has now enmeshed former stars.  In many ways, this is areflection of how this debate has divided Brazil. Proponents of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 World Cup say that the protests shine a bad light onto Brazil, while opponents of the… Read More »

U17 World-Cup awarded to India

Despite football’s massive popularity in the world, the world’s four largest countries by population are, for the most part, quite disinterested in the game. The Chinese prefer basketball, the Indians are obsessed with Cricket, the United States has it’s Big 4 sports (Basketball, Baseball, American Football and Ice Hockey), while Indonesia loves its Badminton. If… Read More »

The Danish Fairy Tale

A friend of mine is a fan of F.C. København, the most successful Danish league side of the last 10 years. København have won 7 of the last 10 Danish Superliga titles, but are more famous for being a Cinderella team that beat Manchester United and drew Barcelona and Manchester City in the Champions League.… Read More »

A tale of two refs

The art of refereeing is a thankless one. No one respects the ref. Players surround him (it’s always men in Men’s soccer) after a call they dont like. Managers abuse him. Fans curse him, burn him in effigy, and generally blame him.  Wages are low, benefits are few. And in the view of the majority, their… Read More »

Why is Mexico so bad at soccer?

Mexico is a country of 119 million people, and has the world’s 11th largest economy. It has more people than Germany, the Netherlands, The United Kingdom, France, Uruguay, Argentina, Spain, or Colombia. It is also soccer crazy- no sport even comes to matching the support El Tri gets in Mexico. Why then, did it take… Read More »