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I just finished watching Pelada, the documentary that’s been mentioned in class a few times.  It involves a couple that travels around the world playing in pick-up soccer matches in order to immerse themselves in the many different cultures they encounter.  A few of my favorite segments involved a Bolivian prison as well as their… Read More »

Fantasy Football Manager

I stumbled upon an April 2013 article from The Economist where they “moneyball the EPL” that seemed really interesting and worth sharing with the class.  Companies such as Opta and Prozone record each tackle, goal, pass, assist, and any quantifiable “event” performed by each player in the EPL.  They use “topological data analysis” in order to visualize… Read More »

Mia San Mia Bayern Munich

Though two days late, I’d like to make note of Bayern’s last match against Hannover 96.  Despite some reports citing that Bayern would return to the Heynckes 4-2-3-1 formation, the newly converted squad, led by Guardiola, maintained a 4-1-4-1.  The strategy proved successful; the Munich group controlled the tempo of the match by winning possession… Read More »

Brazil putting the Bonito in Joga Bonito

In the midst of World Cup qualifying season, international friendlies are often neglected, regardless of how beautifully a team plays.  My role here is to bring light to the team I have loved for as long as I remember.  My childhood and adolescence are filled with memories of watching Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Dida, and… Read More »