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About Morganne Gagne

Morganne is a senior studying biomedical engineering and very happy to be taking the Soccer Politics course to round our her humanities requirement. Soccer has played an integral role in her life, though not as a player. She has refereed for over 8 years, in levels of play ranging from competitive youth leagues to Division 3 college matches to running the line on a semi-professional women's game.

Moving Forward

A Chat with Sandra Serafini   Last week, my classmate Lauren Oliveri and I had the opportunity to have lunch with Sandra Serafini. I was honestly a bit intimidated to meet the former FIFA referee and PhD neuroscientist. (Who wouldn’t be? Only a superhuman has those types of qualifications!) However, my fears were instantly quelled… Read More »

The Soccket Ball

As an engineer, I am guilty of “nerding out” and gushing about neat technologies. When I stumbled across an article about the “soccket ball,” I was overjoyed and felt compelled to share with the Soccer Politics community. Back in July, President Obama visited Tanzania and kicked around a soccer ball in the capital city of… Read More »