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About Risa

Risa Isard, a native of Phoenix, Arizona, is a Duke University student. A community service enthusiast turned social change activist, Risa is developing her own major in Social Change and Social Inquiry through Duke's Program II. An impassioned sports fan and athlete, she spent her freshman year as a manager for Duke's Women's Basketball Team and playing ultimate frisbee on the women's club team, Chakra. In the fall of 2009 Risa walked-on to Duke's crew team. During the summer of 2009, she and a former soccer teammate made a road trip to LA to attend a Women's Professional Soccer game in their inaugural season. Though she no longer plays organized soccer, Risa had the pleasure of playing for several years growing up through her Sophomore year of high school. At Shadow Mountain High School she captained the JV soccer team as a freshman, while also spending time playing at the varsity level. As a sophomore she lettered and was recognized as her team's Most Improved Player. In total, Risa earned eight varsity letters in high school competing in Cross Country, Soccer and Track and Field. Her career aspirations include getting a Ph.D. in sport sociology and studying how sports can be used as a platform for social change, community development and outreach. Her favorite soccer player is Carli Lloyd of the US Women's National Team.

Hope Solo

Today in class a few people (including myself) raised questions about the “Hope Solo Incident” at the 2007 Women’s World Cup. I don’t have a whole lot to say in this post (maybe more in a future post), but to start I wanted to share some links to articles I found interesting and insightful. A… Read More »

Soccer and Homophobia

Homophobia has no place in sport–though it often finds its way onto the field.  It presents itself in different ways and at all levels.  College athletics carefully tip-toe around the subject and professional leagues don’t know what to do with it.  To those who are unaware of the homophobia rampant in sports culture they may… Read More »