“New Generation Queens”: A Film about Women’s Soccer in Zanzibar

By | January 18, 2018

A new documentary called “New Generation Queens” has just been released, focusing on a women’s soccer team in Zanzibar. It’s a fascinating look at sport, gender, and Islam.


It can be watched on several platforms. It builds on the work of an earlier documentary from 2007, which was reviewed (along with several other films focused on women’s soccer) by Shireen Ahmed in 2012. Ahmed will be joining us at Duke at an event on women’s soccer in early April — stay tuned. And share and comments you have about the film and topic here!

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One thought on ““New Generation Queens”: A Film about Women’s Soccer in Zanzibar

  1. Alex Torres

    Interestingly enough, just a little over a month ago, U.S. WNT and Orlando Pride forward Alex Morgan and her husband Servando Carrasco who plays for the LA Galaxy in the MLS, traveled to Zanzibar as a part of the Sports Envoy program. The pair visited different schools, most of them all-girls, in order to promote equality and teach soccer clinics.



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