[Europa League] The amazing comeback of Liverpool

By | April 14, 2016

Gooooooooaaaalllllllll!!! Liverpool scored at the 90 +1 minute as Milner crossed the ball from the right wing to the far post headed in by Dejan Lovren. This goal has led Liverpool to the semi-final of the Europa League. The king of comeback has done it again!

Both Liverpool and Dortmund has scored 1 goal in the first quarterfinal match. Coming into the second match, Liverpool was not favored by most people as Dortmund has been performing outstandingly this season. Dortmund is currently ranked second on the Bundesliga’s table trailing behind one of the best teams in the world Bayern Munich as the league is finishing up with a few weeks left to play. On the other hand, Liverpool is ranked 8th on the Premier League’s table. Although this is not the best way to compare the actual strength of either teams, the fact that Dortmund is second on Bundesliga’s table and Liverpool is in the middle of the pack on Premier League’s table reveals something about the performance of both teams this season.

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Despite the strength difference, Liverpool was able to score 4-3 today to beat Dortmund and make it to the semi-finals. Here is how the match unfold:

5 minutes – After 5 quick minutes, Dortmund scored 1-0 by Armenian blasting the ball into the net taking advantage of the second opportunity.

9 minutes – Reus played a through ball to find Aubameyang running down the middle. He was so fast that none of the defensive players could catch up and stop him. As he aggressively slams a shot to the roof of the net, the match became 0-2 Dortmund.

Halftime – Liverpool was not able to score any goals as their defense allowed Dortmund to score 2 goals. Just as we’d expect. Right?

48 minutes – Finally, Origi was able to convert after he received a through ball and kicked beneath the keeper into the net. The score is now 1-2 Dortmund.

57 minutes – Dortmund did not like the fact that Liverpool has scored. Quickly, they responded with another goal. That’s it. Game over! Or is it?

66 minutes – Liverpool is known for their great comebacks. The whole team does not know how to give up. As Coutinho rifles one into the bottom right corner, Liverpool is back in the game.

78 minutes – Time is running out, but it is not the time to quit yet. Sakho heads one in from a corner kicked by Coutinho leveling out the match to 3-3.

90 +1 minutes – The world has already been impressed by Liverpool’s comeback at this point, but who could have guessed that they would score one more goal after the 90th minutes. A truly unbelievable performance by Liverpool.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 8.03.13 PM

Most people might be surprised by the defeat of Dortmund, but looking at the stats, you might understand why they have lost. In terms of possession, Liverpool has done a much better job than Dortmund (58% vs. 42%). Looking at shots, Liverpool had much more opportunities than Dortmund with 21 shots vs. 12 shots. Liverpool had way more corners too. They had 11 corners as Dortmund had 2 corners. Additionally, Liverpool had 5 less fouls than Dortmund. After seeing the big picture it is no surprise that Liverpool came back and beat Dortmund. Congratulations Liverpool!

Full match goal highlights:




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