Cristiano Ronaldo: Respect of the Game

By | February 29, 2016

Growing up as a kid, and having an athletic lineage,  football and basketball was really all that I knew.  My father put a basketball in my hands when I was about 6 years old and began training me.  Later I played recreational football as well. I played baseball for one year and hated it. I played right outfielder saw no action at all. I played soccer in middle school simply because all my friends were playing and I did not want to feel left out.  I never liked any other sport besides football and basketball, but as I grew older and matured, I developed respect for other sports specifically soccer.  I have always known how big soccer was in the world, but never paid it any attention.  That all changed in one day.

One day I am browsing through YouTube, and I come across a video of highlights of Cristiano Ronaldo.  I clicked on the video and my whole perception of soccer did a full 360.  As I was watching this video I was in awe.  His skill, footwork, the moves he does is beauty.  His speed and poise that he displays is a sight to see.  I do not know much about soccer, but watching Cristiano Ronaldo motivated me to just learn more and be educated on the details of soccer.

Due to Ronaldo being the reason I have an entirely new perspective of soccer, here is a video of some of his greatest moments. Enjoy!

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