USA-Slovenia: When referees play karma

By | June 19, 2010

“After the USA-Slovenia rollercoaster ended Friday afternoon, our entire nation seethed at one man alone. Koman Coulibaly’s phantom call was inexplicable at the time, and it still remains mystifying no matter how many times you replay the free-kick itself: no offsides, no fouls (aside from the slew of Slovenian ones), nothing at all. It was, easily, one of the worst calls in World Cup history.”

The call isn’t exactly what it looks like though: it was essentially a make-up call. In the latest article on my personal blog, I examine what exactly Coulibaly was thinking, and why he was wrong on every conceivable level. If the last 24 hours of media scrutiny haven’t cleared things up at all, click HERE to be redirected.

(Apologies for not explicitly explaining it here, it’s too complex to do without rewriting or repeating the article.)

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