Monthly Archives: March 2010

Aleksander Hemon on “Galacticos in Hell”

Aleksander Hemon, who wrote a great essay on football in Chicago in Granta Magazine earlier this year called “If God Existed, He’d Be a Solid Midfielder,” is now writing a blog on football at the New Republic. This week, he offers up a great riff on the “ritual demise” of “Europe’s most annoying soccer club.”

The Consolation of the Goalie

All Things Considered did a piece tonight about the U-17 U.S. Women’s team consolation of the Haitian goalie after their 9-0 victory over the Haitian team. Many of the Haitian players lives’ had been upended by the January 12th earthquake. The goalie had lost her parents in the earthquake, and most of the team members… Read More »

Joe Gaetjens Gets His Due

Alexander Wolff has just written a beautiful piece at Sports Illustrated on Joe Gaetjens, the Haitian footballer who scored the single goal in the 1950 World Cup upset by the U.S. against England. It’s a great piece of investigative reporting and an important tribute to a man whose story has long been either forgotten or… Read More »