The Earthquake in Haiti Strikes Football

By | February 1, 2010

One of Haiti’s leading newspapers, Le Nouvelliste, has published this article describing how the earthquake has impacted the football world. The building of the Haitian Football Federation was destroyed by the earthquake, with several meetings going on inside, and numerous people are still unaccounted for. Several important figures in the world of women’s football also lost their lives.

The Haitian football federation has, of course, suspended upcoming games, as this article notes. The under-17 Haitian women’s team, which is in the last phases of the qualifiers for their World Cup competition, may have to withdraw. The Dominican Republic has offered to host the team for a time, as has a group in Kansas. The Haitian Football Federation, however, refused the offer from the United States, fearing that the players would not return.

And here is a summary in English of some of the losses in the Haitian football world.

For more on the Haiti earthquake and its impact visit the Haiti page of my Global France blog or Duke’s Kreyol Blog.

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