Monthly Archives: February 2010

“Pelada” Reviewed at Sports Illustrated

Last fall we had a screening at Duke of the wonderful work-in-progress documentary Pelada. It will soon make its premier at the South by Southwest film festival in Austin, Texas, and Sports Illustrated has just published this review of the documentary. We’ll hope to see the film return to Durham in the not-too-distant future. Congratulations… Read More »

Anti-Spaniards for Spain: Irony, Terrorism, and La Roja

The whole army of Spanish media outlets has been splashed with this bit of news, regarding the facebook page of suspected ETA members–ETA being, for those unfamiliar with Spain, the Basque separatist-terrorist group responsible for thousands of acts of violence since their establishment during the Franco dictatorship. From sports dailies such as AS to Marca,… Read More »

The Earthquake in Haiti Strikes Football

One of Haiti’s leading newspapers, Le Nouvelliste, has published this article describing how the earthquake has impacted the football world. The building of the Haitian Football Federation was destroyed by the earthquake, with several meetings going on inside, and numerous people are still unaccounted for. Several important figures in the world of women’s football also… Read More »