Monthly Archives: October 2009

Soccer Project Screening

We had the pleasure of hosting a screening of the work-in-progress Pelada (previously known to most of us as “The Soccer Project”) here at Duke on October 29th, and got the chance to talk to the filmmakers, three of whom are Duke alumni. As John Turnbull, editor of The Global Game and also a Duke… Read More »

Hope Solo

Today in class a few people (including myself) raised questions about the “Hope Solo Incident” at the 2007 Women’s World Cup. I don’t have a whole lot to say in this post (maybe more in a future post), but to start I wanted to share some links to articles I found interesting and insightful. A… Read More »

Racial tension in Glasgow

Here’s a link describing an incident in which Maurice Edu, an American playing for Rangers in the Scottish Premier League, suffered racial abuse from his own supporters, despite not even playing in a loss. According to the article, it was not the first time this had happened.  Having written about the Celtic-Rangers rivalry in my… Read More »

Año maradoniano: On Emir Kusturica’s Maradona

That Kusturica’s documentary Maradona, chronicling perhaps world football’s biggest personality, begins with shots of the director playing his guitar at a concert, is telling. Introduced by his band as “the Maradona of the guitar,” it is clear, in retrospect, that what comes after is as much a defense of Kusturica as much as it is about the greatness of Maradona.

Beach Balls are for the Beach

Check out what occurred when Sunderland played at Liverpool recently. In second 32 you can see the Liverpool fan hit the beach ball onto the pitch. This beach ball comes back to act as a striker providing a masterful flick past the Liverpool goalie. I have always noticed soccer fields throughout the world (especially in… Read More »

Soccer and Homophobia

Homophobia has no place in sport–though it often finds its way onto the field.  It presents itself in different ways and at all levels.  College athletics carefully tip-toe around the subject and professional leagues don’t know what to do with it.  To those who are unaware of the homophobia rampant in sports culture they may… Read More »