Water Towns EFAF is an international event that features recent and historical pieces of documentary film and artistic production under a selected environmental theme. The theme guides the principles of the festival but does not limit content nor participation; Water Towns EFAF is an open platform.

FILM: The main program consists of a number of feature-length films invited after a curatorial process, and two sections of short films: Student Films and Independent Films, chosen after an open call for submissions. Parallel events in the form of “conversation” style talks (by filmmakers, special guests, faculty, and students, discuss the issues addressed in the films).

ARTS: Performances, art exhibits, workshops, and class visits by local and international artists will enlighten the main topic.




Water Towns EFAF creates bridges from the arts and sciences bringing together worlds that cannot be reached otherwise. It also offers an opportunity of connecting the academic and local communities in Kunshan, Shanghai and beyond, by facilitating the integrative and immersive experiences that cinema and the arts provide.

Water Towns EFAF aims to become an opportunity for the community to reflect on our collective responsibility to protect the environment, raise awareness and understanding of the most pressing environmental challenges, and commit to action. | take the pledge

水乡EFAF旨在成为社区反映我们保护环境的集体责任,提高对最紧迫的环境挑战的认识和理解,并致力于采取行动的机会。 |我保证

Water Towns EFAF will take place every two years in spring as a reminder of the celebration of life and the beginning of a cycle.


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