TOPICS | 要探讨的话题

2021 Topics to be Explored | 要探讨的话题



Forest and Botanical Knowledge  | Indigenous issues.





2019 Topics to be Explored | 要探讨的话题

Main Topic: Plastics in the environment, ocean pollution, and plastics in the food chain (environmental and health-related problems).

Related topics: waste management, environmental pollution, invasive species, environmental justice, conservation, mobility, mapping, visual poetry on waste, etc.



*<By screening a film(s) on plastic in the environment we will invite the audience/students to take action –not to use any plastic for a day, count all the plastic used during a day, collect all plastic used in a day and produce a collective art installation, get to know the science and policy around the issue, etc.>

* <通过在环境中的塑料上放映胶片,我们将邀请观众/学生采取行动 – 不使用任何塑料一天,计算一天中使用的所有塑料,收集一天中使用的所有塑料并制作集体艺术装置,了解围绕该问题的科学和政策等